• Window air conditioners are a great way to keep cool during the hot months of the summer time. Depending on the size or square footage of a particular room or entire house will determine the size window air conditioner you will need to efficiently cool a designated area.

    With rising energy prices, it makes sense to only cool the part of your home you are occupying especially while you sleep. Small window air conditioners are great for small rooms, but will be forced to run too often if they are used to cool rooms that are too large, causing them to freeze up and not work properly.  Window or portable air conditioners are rated by BTU’s which is a measurement system used to measure heat and cooling power of air conditioner systems. AC systems are typically maintained by heating and air conditioning technicians. The average hvac salary depends on the level of hvac training the technician has. The good thing about smaller window units is that they are so inexpensive that they can just be replaced instead of paying for an hvac technician to service it. View more info at http://hvactrainingschools.net

    Some complaints of window air conditioners is the fact that they are a bit noisy compared to that of a central a/c unit. In most opinions though, this is a small price to pay to keep a home at a comfortable temperature. Quite window air conditioners are available, but you are likely going to pay a higher price for them. There are many great brands and models of small window air conditioners on the market that you can pick up for under 100 dollars at your local home depot, lowes, wal mart, or ace hardware. Brands trusted for years include those of Haier, Carrier, Amana, Frigidaire, GE, Kenmore and others. Some of the BTU ranges for smaller window air conditioners are 5,200 btu, 6500 btu, 8000 btu, 10,000 btu, and 12,000 btu.

    The BTU sizes listed above will easily cool most small to moderate size rooms. Most window air conditioners will have a btu rating along with how many square feet they will cool efficiently. If they have a star energy rating, they will also include an estimated yearly cost of operation.

    If you are looking to buy cheap window air conditioners, it is important to do a little research and find out which brands are known to last the longest, and what the average life of a window air conditioner is. Sears carries a large selection of window units, its easy to finance one on your sears credit card. Installing the correct size window ac will also ensure that the ac will last to its fullest potential all the while cooling efficiently.

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